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Krypton 1×08-1×09 Reactions

Oh boy, oh boy. This one was a doozy of a pair of episodes. From another familial relationship reveal, to a death that made me want to riot, the last couple of episodes of Krypton have been epic. Read under the cut for my rather late hot takes about Ona, Adam Strange, and Seg-El’s future sexual history.

1) I Need To Give Kem a Hug

No, like, seriously. Someone please go find that man and hug him for me? He tried so hard to protect Ona, but in the end there was nothing he could do. His pain when she died was palpable.

Also, fuck you, everyone who decided to kill that sweet little space nun off. I know why you did it, but I’m still mad about it.

2) Adam is Moving Up In the Worlds

My sweet, useless boy. Nothing he ever does works out as he plans it. He’s like an easily distractible, morally ambiguous puppy who wants to be a hero. But he did save Seg and Kem when Ona died, at great cost to himself.

He’s not in the ninth episode at all, so I’m wondering where he’s at, and who that girl is that gave me a hell of a jump scare just by flicking her eyes. Either way, he’s up to some nonsense, and I’m very proud of him. He’s doing his best, and maybe this time it will work out to his advantage, and he’ll get back to Krypton soon.

When he does, it’ll be to a much higher esteem from Seg, too, which is a bonus. Seg is so upset both over Ona and over Adam, which is adorable and sets my slash feelers abuzz. I guess you never forget your first overly-enthusiastic time traveler.

3) Speaking of Seg’s Sex Life…

Seg-El, you pouty-lipped little tart!

Okay, that’s not quite fair. It’s not his fault he’s in love with Lyta but marrying Nyssa, and that Nyssa is legitimately into him. It’s also probably not his fault that he has a son named Dru.

I still hold that General Zod’s first name being Dru is the funniest thing in the world, but it’s realistically not Seg or Dru’s fault. Lyta, make better choices.

Also, is it just me, or does the El family have a distinct tendency toward melodrama in the bloodlines department? Because dude, Dru, sweetie, take a breath and interact with your parents like a reasonable adult man. If you’re gonna be evil Cable, fine, but at least be nice to your folks.

God, poor Clark, somewhere off in the future. His uncle is a piece of work. And, given how Krypton has established its love of soap-opera, Game-of-Thrones familial nonsense, the overwhelming likelihood is that Adam Strange’s Superman is part of one of the continuities where Clark and Lex are Superboy’s biological parents. Because everything must be a goddamn ordeal in area family, of course.

This does open up more questions about Dru’s birth, though. Did Lyta lie to her son growing up? Is Seg supposed to die trying to save Kandor? If so, how does Jor-El come to be? Are Nyssa and Lyta going to hook up out of grief but then raise their children with Seg separately? Obviously, that one requires Jor to be a Vexling, so who even knows?

Either way, I’m curious as to how this all is supposed to pan out in the “original” timeline, and how all of the events of the show are going to alter that.

Looking forward to the season finale next week, for sure.

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