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#Krypton 1×10 Reaction: In Zod We Trust

Well.  That certainly just happened.

My entire body is alight with excitement and I am practically devastated that I have to wait until 2019 to find out what happens next.  Under the cut, I’m gonna talk about some pretty spoiler-y stuff and some Feelings I have, and if you’ve seen the episode already and you know how I tend to react to this stuff, you can pretty much tell what I’m going to talk about.  Head under the cut for all the spoilers, now:

1) Hot Fucking Damn, Those Clones

It’s no secret that I kind of have a thing for messed up comic book genetics, so seeing this use of the Genesis Chamber has me very excited.  It’s kind of hilarious to me, given some of the other Kryptonian Genetic Nonsense out there that I love.

Yes, I mean this ridiculous science experiment and his ridiculous fathers. Come on, it’s not my fault DC decided that Conner was going to be Clark and Lex’s hate baby…

Anyway, finding out Nyssa is not the original Nyssa-Vex has landed me with an excellent theory as to that lil baby in a can she has with her: she’s not going to name it Kor-Vex.

She’s going to name it Jor-El.

After all, it’s the El name that is iconoclastic, and the Vex name that is responsible for her life being a lie.  I could 100% see Nyssa changing her own name to something with an El on the end — and it’s a great reason for her to take her sort-of-husband’s name.

Also, her, Jax-Ur, and Val-El mounting a resistance movement next year is going to be so cool.

Plus, I just…really love how dedicated to her child Nyssa is.  It’s only even an idea to anybody else but her.  She’s the only reason it’s ever going to be born, after all.  Whatever happens with that baby, he (or she!  I would roll heavy with a trans Kryptonian) is being born to a mother  who would walk into a city on the brink of destruction for her unborn child, and a father who would willingly sacrifice himself to save that city and its’ people.

…Oh yeah, I’m like 85% sure that kid is Jor-El.  Put like that, he’s gotta be, with parents like Nyssa and Seg.

2) Um, What The Fuck: the Gays In Amber Edition

Okay, fine, we don’t have technical confirmation that Adam is gay.  And technically, sexuality on Krypton is fluid, and Seg definitely has sex with women, so he’s not “gay” either.

But damn it, seeing Adam trapped in one of Brainiac’s city-bottles and knowing that Seg is trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac is…kind of upsetting?

Also, every time I hear that line from Seg about how much faith Adam had in him, I die a little inside and come back gayer than before, so, there’s that.  Thank you, “last week on Krypton” segment at the top of the hour.

Anyway, can we also talk about the future-in-a-bottle Adam beamed to?  Was he trying to go home?  Was that an accident?  How is he going to get out?  Is earth going to be invaded by Zod’s new Kryptonian regime?  I have so many questions and like, zero answers.

The closest thing I have to a theory as to how Adam and Seg get out of their respective prisons actually has to do with what Val and Dru have said about time being wonky in the Phantom Zone.  I think, somehow, either Seg is going to find Adam in the future, or Adam is going to find a Phantom Zone projector or one of those little projectors-for-one and get into the Phantom Zone to save Seg.

I’m about 99.9% sure that their paths are going to cross before they make it back to present-day (for Seg) Krypton, basically.

3) [Krypton Voice:] I’m Gonna Give the Gays Everything They Want

I’m looking forward to seeing if my gay ass is going to get some gay validation next year, basically.

I either want to see Nyssa dealing with her grief by falling in love with a fellow lady resistance member, or for Seg and Adam to make out.  That, or Kem comes back to be Jor-El’s gay bartending uncle, he’s good at handling kids, after all.

Basically, Krypton has a lot of potential to be the gay cousin of every other Superman property ever — a title currently held by Steve Orlando’s Supergirl run, since that run included Vita Ayala’s co-creation, Lee Serrano — and I am living for that potential.

I mean, I was right about Nyssa, and people have been treating Kem and Adam pretty similarly to how they were treating Nyssa pre-the-reveal.

Give me the gay nonsense, Krypton.  Do it.  Please.

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