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Well, it’s definitely been A Day for trans stuff…

Two fairly big-ish stories today: First, genderfluid lesbian actress/model Ruby Rose got the role of Batwoman in the Arrowverse, and second, Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a Marvel villainess.

I don’t usually care when famous people express a desire to join the MCU. But I can’t help but take note when a trans celebrity does. Especially Jenner, since she almost auditioned for the Superman role that eventually went to Christopher Reeve. I haven’t seen the woman act, but her… difficulty in learning the politics of being trans makes it hard for me to want her to be representing us in a mainstream movie universe, you know?

Additionally, the only Marvel villainess I can think of who can be of an age with Jenner is Deathbird, who I love too much. So, yeah, I don’t hope this one comes to pass, to be frank.

Plus, I mean.  As much as I love trans villains — as my last post clearly attested — I don’t think it’s necessarily wise to have the very first explicitly trans Marvel Cinematic Universe character be a bad guy.  Like, the MCU already has Loki, who is played by a cis dude right now, and is currently dead.

Though, honestly, if they wanted to add in some flashbacks of Lady Loki, played by a nonbinary actor, I’d be chill with that.  Or set Hiddleston free and bring in Teen Loki for whatever the heck Phase 4 will be about, and have that teen be trans in some direction.

But just, having one of the most famous trans people in the world play a straight-up villain in a Marvel movie…bad idea, Caitlyn.

I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s still a bad idea.

As for Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, I mean, on the one hand, it’s great that a genderfluid lesbian is playing a lesbian on mainstream superhero TV.  I don’t know if Rose identifies as trans, so I won’t say that she is — gender is a fickle beast and #same and all that.  But like, gender-nonconformity and actual butchness aren’t exactly common in mainstream TV lesbians lately.  So, props for that, and I’m curious to see how they choose to style her in this role.

That said, the other hand is still there, and that other hand is just…a little disappointed they didn’t find a Jewish lesbian to play the role.  Like, come on, DC, you can be better than this.  Don’t be a Fox X-Men, where literally all the major Jewish characters are played by non-Jewish actors.  Find an unknown!  It’s Batwoman, for fuck’s sake, and you’re introducing her in the crossover episode.  People are gonna tune in no matter who’s on the bill.

I think the takeaway from today is that no piece of news is perfect.

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