Welcome to No More Metaphors!  I’m glad to have you dropping by.  This blog is, as mentioned elsewhere, mostly about me analyzing superhero media, the fandoms surrounding superhero comics, movies, and TV, and my own experiences as a queer, disabled fan.

My name is Murphy Leigh, and I’ve been analyzing superhero media since around 2014 on my previous Tumblr iteration of this blog.  I studied film and have a BA in Communications – Moving Image Arts.  I’m epileptic and show a lot of symptoms associated with autism, though I have not yet sought diagnosis.  I’m also queer, and I predominantly use the pronouns they/them/theirs.  I kind of identify as butch or transmasculine,  though I generally just describe it as “Jackie Curtis in Reverse.”

I have a partner, a dog, and a cat, none of whom live with me but all of whom I adore more than anything else in the world.

Thanks again for dropping by, and I hope you get something good out of my content!