Hi! I’m Murphy Leigh, and, like the blog subtitle states, I’m your local monster queer.

I’ve always really loved queer-coded characters, especially villains. They spoke to me in ways that other characters just didn’t, and that means they’re the characters I fell the most in love with, and learned the most from.

The thing is, though, we live in a world where most people consume their media passively. Even folks who try to be progressive just want to passively consume media they believe to be “good” or “unproblematic.” It’s not really engaging with media, in my opinion, if you just consume the media that makes you think the least.

That said, I do understand why a lot of people are tired of queer villains, queer monsters, and queer coding. We’ve been made in to monsters for so long, that sometimes, we just want the world to tell us we can be heroes, too.

I get that. I feel it, too, sometimes.

But I don’t think that wanting to be a hero means that I could or should stop loving the monsters that made me.

So, this blog exists to celebrate those monsters, and to unpack and discuss what value exists in the nuances of queer coding and being The Other. The point is, when we bring the monsters out of their metaphors and coding, if we really actively engage with the media that created them, we can love the whole totality of being Other.

As a queer disabled person, that’s really important to me, and I want to share that discussion, and that love, with all of you.

I hope you join me on my quest to find the humanity in our monsters. You can, of course, subscribe via WordPress, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.