Welcome to No More Metaphors!  Here is where I, Murphy Leigh, discuss at length the stuff I’m really into.  Mostly, that amounts to comics, movies, and TV, though video games occasionally make an appearance.

The tagline, “Your Local Monster Queer,” comes from my usual theoretical framework for analyzing stuff; as a queer, disabled person, my body and brain are often otherized and monsterized, and that’s where I approach media from.  It’s a liminal space, and sure, it’s frustrating sometimes, but I think it’s important to share my perspectives.

I’m nonbinary, meaning I am not male or female, in the same way that a trans woman is not a man, or a trans man is not a woman.  If you have questions about that, in good faith, feel free to ask them, and I’ll direct you to sources.  If you just want to sea lion at me, I’m not interested, and trust me, I can tell the difference.

I’m also epileptic, and show a lot of symptoms associated with autism, though I’m not diagnosed with the latter.  If you have questions about either, again, feel free to ask them.  Especially if they have to do with epilepsy; I know most people only know what they’ve seen in movies and on TV, and I know how scary those depictions of my disability can be.

The blog title is a riff on the line “No…more…mutants,” from House of M, the Marvel comic that had Scarlet Witch decimating the mutant population.  My goal here is to, in a similar fashion, deconstruct and thus destroy the metaphors by which queer and disabled people are represented in media.  We deserve to define ourselves, and the metaphors and allegories associated with us cannot persist without our input anymore.

Thank you for checking out the blog, and I hope you enjoy what you read, and maybe learn a thing or two.