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There’s Nazis in Virginia…

…and in response, Gail Simone started the #ComicsHatesNazis hashtag.


I wrote up a post focused on response to the hashtag, and you can read it over at

Not sure what my first major post is going to be, but I should have something substantial for here on Monday!  Stay safe this weekend, and remember: as important as it is to make Nazis afraid again, it’s just as important to look after the people that Nazis want to obliterate.

Take care of your Jewish friends, your friends of color, your queer friends, your Muslim friends, and your disabled friends this weekend.  If you can, support people financially.  If you have the energy, offer physical and emotional support even if you’re not sure they’ll accept it.

Make sure that you’re doing everything you can, because no matter who you are, there is something you can do.  There’s a great list in this tweet thread:



Hi everyone!  Welcome to the new blog!  If you came from any of my social media, this is the exciting new blog where I’ll be writing longform analysis on stuff that maybe isn’t immediately newsworthy, as well as talking about my endeavors as a journalist, aspiring supervillain, and screenwriter/filmmaker.

The name of the blog, No More Metaphors, is a reference to the infamous House of M storyline in Marvel comics, and particularly these panels:

Wanda Maximoff's No More Mutants
Wanda Maximoff during the House of M storyline, weeping as she declares, “No more mutants.”

I wanted to reference this because the X-Men have always served as a sort of allegory for all manner of minority groups, but often the stories have been focused around straight, able-bodied white people.  Very rarely are things like gender, sexuality, disability, and race dealt with explicitly in X-books.

And I’m tired of that.  I’m tired of only being able to see myself as a metaphor as opposed to a real person.  I want mutants, sure, but I want them to be like me, not just using my stories as a queer disabled person as fodder for their allegory.

I want more books like Iceman.  Over at DC, I want more books like Midnighter, Batwoman, and DC Bombshells.  Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime looks promising, but still, one line and an occasional solo miniseries isn’t enough.

So, this blog was conceived, and named.  I used to host it on Tumblr, and all of my old posts can still be found there.  Everything new, however, will be posted here and only linked over there.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you follow along as I work to analyze existing texts through queer and disabled lenses, call for more and better representation, and just talk about my life as a queer, disabled superhero fan and comics press reporter.  I’m looking forward to sharing more than ever here!