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‘Deadly Skies’ and the Value of Mediocre Gay Sci Fi

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw me flip my shit earlier today about Deadly Skies, a 2006 sci fi disaster movie about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Literally the only thing separating it from every other movie of its type is the fact that the main characters are a black woman and and a gay man.

It’s not super well-made, with some juvenile editing choices at times — and some shots that are framed the way a lot of my classmates in college would have framed them. The dialogue is often very bad. The first act moves too slowly; the third act, a little too fast.

But it’s comfortable. It takes the tropes of the genre and points directly at me and people like me, saying, “THESE ARE FOR YOU TOO.”


Patreon Post + #ComicsGate

Hey everyone, just dropping by to leave a couple of links.

First of all, I’ve put up a new post on Patreon, so if you’re interested in paying me for all this nonsense, you can go do that and then read it. In it, I talk a little bit about Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and how excited I am about the analysis of it that I’m doing. It’s gay, guys. It’s so gay.

Also, #ComicsGate is still a thing, I guess. Because some people still think that comics were better when they were all about white dudes fighting the most uncontroversial supervillains, forever, and ever, and ever. Despite the fact that this prelapsarian, apolitical version of comics never existed anywhere except in their own heads.


ESSAY: Temporal Inconsistencies in the XMCU

This is the first in my ongoing series of essay-length posts about the craft, content, and themes present in different pieces of geek media. This first essay is about the XMCU, airing my grievances about its chronology problem.

The X-Men Cinematic Universe has not been a shining example of consistency in superhero movie franchises. There have been three characters called Angel, only two of which are versions of Warren Worthington III, two Jubilees, two different Bolivar Trasks, and no solid grasp on when Scott Summers was born.

That said, most of these problems don’t become apparent until X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I want to argue that Bryan Singer is the man who ruined the XMCU’s internal coherence, mainly through negligence and an inability to recognize how time travel works. Singer’s return to the franchise lead to several temporal impossibilities, and while telling a story involving time travel can be complicated, the mistakes made here are really basic.


Guess who got a Patreon?

Me! Technically, I’ve had one for a while, but I’ve spent the last six months trying to figure out how to come up with consistent content for it. Finally, it occurred to me that the best thing for me as a creator and for an audience of patrons would be to use Patreon as a sort of accountability system.

Basically, I’m going to try and use Patreon as my daily work journal. When I’m working on a post — for example, I have an essay in the queue about temporal inconsistencies in the X-Men movies — I’ll post ‘WIP Updates’ to show what I’m working on that day. Essays like that one will also go up on Patreon three days before I’ll post them here, too.

Obviously, my news reporting will still be over at Capeless Crusader, because I love them over there.

Another sort of big thing that’s going to be happening is this: I’m expanding the scope of this blog. Superhero media is no longer going to be the only focus, and instead, I’ll be drawing from science fiction, fantasy, and horror as well. Additionally, I will also be covering a limited amount of video game stuff, because I follow a few incredible gaming YouTubers, and I’ve gotten back into gaming a little bit in the last couple of months.

So! We’re making some progress in 2018. Hope you’re all as excited as I am!

‘Logan’ Makes History, but Outlets Bury The Lead

Okay, so, first of all, I am so fucking excited about Logan getting a “Writing (Adapted Screenplay)” nomination. So excited. Like, I know it’s a long shot, given how much critical praise stuff like Call Me By Your Name is getting, but there’s a chance! And this has literally never happened before for a superhero movie.

(I have to say, it feels really appropriate that the first script nomination for a superhero movie is for an XMCU flick, especially the one that says goodbye to both Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, both of whom were backbones of the franchise.)

But holy shit have the other comics and geek presses have buried the lede on this one. CBR says “Logan, GOTG2 Get Oscar Nominations,” says “Logan Gets Nominated for an Academy Award,” WGTC (an outlet I used to write for, FFS) says “Oscars 2018: Logan Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Wonder Woman Snubbed.” The only outlet that seems to get it is Screenrant, and they only put their article up like 20 minutes ago. It’s a good article, though, I’m impressed by its thoroughness.

Anyway, I’m super excited, and also tonight you can expect reviews of Incidentals vol. 1 and #5, since those come out tomorrow and I live for Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime line.

Lots of Wakanda News Today…

I did a couple of articles for Capeless Crusader today discussing the relationship between the U.S. and Wakanda in light of President Trump’s comments on certain countries in Africa being “shithole countries” — or, according to other sources, “shithouse” countries. Either way, it was a racist thing, and comics fandom came for Trump the way they tend to: by breaking out the Black Panther merch and memes.

First, here’s a link to my coverage of’s new “Wakanda is Not a Sh#thole Country” shirt.

And here is a link to my discussion of the challenge issued to the Press Pool to ask Trump about Wakanda, and what the consequences of someone responding to it might be.

Trump and T’Challa, because it’s never Actually gonna happen.

Happy 2018!

2017 was a really wild ride politically, but hopefully this year I can stay in the saddle with all my priorities and not get too distracted from the things I can do by the things I can’t.

Later today, I’ll be posting an essay on why X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) fundamentally broke the continuity of the X-Men film franchise, and how I think the fanchise could instead have achieved its major goal (bringing back Jean and Scott by making X-Men: The Last Stand not happen) without totally breaking its temporal continuity.

In the meantime, though, I finished writing up the interview I did with Dr. Sheena Howard about Superb, the book she and David Walker (Luke Cage) are writing for the Catalyst Prime line at Lion Forge.

Dr. Howard speaking to a reporter at NYCC 2017 (by Melissa Willhouse // Willhouse Media)

You can read the article here at Capeless Crusader, and you should: her writing process with Mr. Walker is really cool.

Anyway, see you all later today!